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North Wales / Lansdale Campus  

       1256 Welsh Road, Suite 100, North Wales, PA 19454   /   (215) 699-8734

Upper Darby / Bryn Mawr Campus  

       60A Garrett Road, 2nd Floor, Upper Darby, PA 19082   /   (610) 713-9990

Wayne / Chesterbrook Campus

       1708 E. Lancaster Ave,  Paoli,  PA 19301  /   (215) 983-8499

The AP Academy

Accelerated Prep Courses & Tutoring


The AP Academy teaches Common Core math, that USA Education Department recently implemented as a standard math technique for the states. Students will review and learn new concepts.


The goal of this class is to review, reinforce and introduce math skills and strategies.


Students will be assigned homework. Quizzes and tests (midterm and final) will be administered. Report cards will be distributed at the midterm and at the conclusion of the term.


   Learning activities will include;

1. Instruction and ongoing practice to promote speed and accuracy.

2. Problem Solving - including practice expressing mathematical ideas  

   and solutions in written form.

   (a skill that is assessed on standardized test)

3. Games will be played to practice skills and to promote strategies


4. Manipulative used.


Everyday Mathematices (The University of Chicago School Mathematics Project) series is used in many of our student's schools. Vocabulary, algorithms, and strategies used in the series will be used in class)