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North Wales / Lansdale Campus  

       1256 Welsh Road, Suite 100, North Wales, PA 19454   /   (215) 699-8734

Upper Darby / Bryn Mawr Campus  

       60A Garrett Road, 2nd Floor, Upper Darby, PA 19082   /   (610) 713-9990

Wayne / Chesterbrook Campus

       1708 E. Lancaster Ave,  Paoli,  PA 19301  /   (215) 983-8499

The AP Academy

Accelerated Prep Courses & Tutoring

Class Schedule

June 22- Aug 14, 2020 (4 days/week or 5 days/week, No Class : 7/2 & 7/3)

                                                       * Entering Grade 1-6 as of September 2020

Class Description






Power Point I 

(Making Power Point

for a Presentation)

TED for AP Kids

(Multimedia Class)


Reading - Ⅰ

Writing - Ⅱ

Math - Ⅲ

Reading - IV

Reading - Ⅲ

Writing - Ⅰ

Math - Ⅱ

Writing - IV

Reading - Ⅱ

Writing - Ⅲ

Math - Ⅰ

Math - IV





Reading - Ⅰ

Writing - Ⅱ

Math - Ⅲ

Reading - IV

Reading - Ⅲ

Writing - Ⅰ

Math - Ⅱ

Writing - IV

Reading - Ⅱ

Writing - Ⅲ

Math - Ⅰ

Math - IV



Field Trips or Sports Center (Optional)

• Please provide snacks, water and lunch (or lunch money $6.00) everyday.

• English and Math levels are determined by student’s placement test scores.

• Schedules subject to change depending on The AP Academy’s schedule.

• No classes: July 2nd (Thursday) & 3rd( Friday)


[ Subjects ]


*Reading : Fiction & Non-Fiction Reading, Academic Vocabulary

* Math : Common Core Math, Enrichment Math

* Writing : Narrative Persuasive, opinion, and poetry using the writing process

* Public Speaking : Researching and presenting topics in History & Social


* Science : Conducting experiments; Physical + Chemical changes in the

  world around us

* Multimedia Class : Filming and Publishing Presentations

Writing - l, ll, lll, IV

The goal of this class is to review, reinforce and introduce reading skills and strategies used by effective readers, ...

Reading - l, ll, lll, IV

The goal of the writing class is to review, reinforce, and introduce skills and strategies used by effective writers....

The goal of this class is to review, reinforce and introduce math skills and strategies. Students will be assigned...

Math - l, ll, lll, IV


Last summer, we explored the human body. We learned about our muscles, bones, joints, heart, and brains. We experimented with our five senses...

The goal of this class is to learn and practice public speaking skills in order for the student to feel confident and to be...

Public Speaking Class

In this class, students will use their research and communication skills to effectively present a topic. As they grow more confident...

TED Talks for AP Kids

Tuition (2020 Summer) 

Courses and Rates  ( 8weeks : Books and Materials are included )

•  Before the start of the session:

  (Full refund issued  less a $100 registration fee)

•  After Session 1: 75% refund

•  After Session 2: 50% refund

•  After Session 3: 25% refund

•  After Session 4: no refund will be issued


** All course materials must be returned immediately

   following the issuance of a refund **

Public Speaking II

(Topics in history

& social studies)

Public Speaking I

(Topics in history

& social studies)

Power Point II

(Making Power Point

for a Presentation)

* Honors GPA Program (2days/week)

  $1,700 (Register by week $250/week)

* Enrichment Program (4days/week)

  $2,000 (Register by week $275/week)

* Friday class : $50/day

* Early registration begin : Feb. 1st

* Refund Policy

2020 Summer Kids Academy Camp

Benefits of Participating in our Summer Camp 

: Students have chances to




 Study interesting topics at an in-depth level beyond the school curriculum

 Boost academic motivation and goals at a safe and structured atmosphere

 Participate in hands-on and academic activities



 Build rapport through peer group activities

 Meet classmates across different schools, states and countries

 Give and justify their opinions about interesting issues through in depth

   discussion and group projects with small groups



 Improve self-esteem through accomplishing goals and collaborative rapport

 Discover their learning styles and build orientation optimization