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North Wales / Lansdale Campus  

       1256 Welsh Road, Suite 100, North Wales, PA 19454   /   (215) 699-8734

Upper Darby / Bryn Mawr Campus  

       60A Garrett Road, 2nd Floor, Upper Darby, PA 19082   /   (610) 713-9990

Wayne / Chesterbrook Campus

       1708 E. Lancaster Ave,  Paoli,  PA 19301  /   (215) 983-8499

The AP Academy

Accelerated Prep Courses & Tutoring

Private Tutoring

The AP Academy offers personalized tutoring for a wide variety of subjects beyond standard school subjects and test prep. Every student will be paired with a qualified instructor and given individualized attention targeting his or her particular needs.


• TEST Prep (New SAT & ACT)

• SAT II (All SAT Subject Tests)

• AP Exams (All Subjects)







• Biology

• Chemistry

• Physics

• World History

• US History

• European History

• History/Social Studies

• English (K-6)

• Writing

• Reading Comprehension

• Literature

• Essay Writing


• General Math (K-6)

• Pre-Algebra

• Algebra I, II

• Pre-Calculus

• Geometry

• Calculus

• Math Level I, II

• Homework Help (All Subjects)

• College Essays

• Theology

• ESL (English as Second Language)

Private tutoring is available for any of the following topics:

Tutoring Policy

To all students and parents partaking in our tutoring programs:


Thank you for your interest and faith in our programs. Our staff take pride in providing precise academic services and promise a successful journey for our students. In order to maintain a most fruitful experience, please abide by the following guidelines:

1. All homework must be complete by the next session.

    Homework is not given as busywork but as a guide to an efficient and productive study schedule.


2. Tuition is due prior to the student’s session on a monthly basis.


3. If for any reason a student cannot attend a session, a 24-hour notice is required in order to qualify for alternate scheduling.

   Refunds and/or alternate scheduling cannot be issued for last-minute cancellations.