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The SAT/ACT is a timed, standardized test taken by most students in their junior or senior year of high school as protocol for college admission.

Today's increasingly competitive college admissions process demands excellence, including SAT/ACT scores in the top percentiles.

Thus, this Intensive SAT/ACT Course prepares students to maximize gains and attain top scores on the Math, Reading and Writing portions of the SAT,

Math, Reading and Science portions of the ACT (Essay portion is optional for ACT) . Students are required to exhibit hard work and sincere dedication.

In order to maximize the benefits of this course, students must attend all sessions and diligently complete all assignments.

2022 Summer Course

Summer Program : June 20 – August 19, 2022 ( 3 days / Week)

Extended Program : September 3- June 3, 2023 (Saturdays) 


  • Option 1: Individual schedule (Customized Plan)
  • Option 2: 21 Sessions (7 Weeks) 
  • Option 3: 27 Sessions (9 Weeks)
  • Option 4: 34+ Sessions (Guarantee)
  • Saturdays (Official Test Preparation, Diagnostic Tests will be taken prior to each test date.)

Class Time & Hours

  • In-Person Classes : Monday, Wednesday & Friday

     Online Classes : Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 


  • Class Time 

     9:00am - 4:00pm (Class), 4:00-6:00pm (Make Up Class, Optional)

     7:30am - 2:00pm (Official Test Preparation and Review Session)


  • 21 Sessions Scholar (Personal Schedule, Customized Program)


  • 27 Sessions Elite (Personal Schedule, Customized Program)


  • 34+ Sessions Guarantee (Total Class Hours for 34+ sessions Guarantee:

     250+ hours and additional classes available for students who are looking for make-up sessions and additional help prior to test day.)


  • Individual Lesson (Personal Schedule, Customized Program)

Official SAT/ ACT Test Date 2022-2023

  • SAT :  8/27,  10/1,  11/5,  12/3,  3/11,  5/6 and 6/3
  • ACT : 9/10, 10/22, 12/10, 2/11, 4/15, 6/10 and 7/15


* Program is not limited to the Summer. Please inquire about year round programs.

Free Sample Lesson Schedule

Students and Parents Orientation w/ College Admission

By reservation only: Please call to 215- 699- 8734, Eunice Park


Power Prep
Classroom Breakdown
Score Improvement Guarantee
Power Prep

Our Power Prep is one of our most highlighted programs throughout the year. It is an optimal time for any student to increase their scores. Our program is a reasonable once a day program that looks to teach the Math, Reading, and Writing (and Essay) portions of the SAT while also teaching the Math, English, Reading, Essay and Science portion of the ACT.


While some may believe that taking one of the two tests is a matter of preference, we recommend that ALL students take both tests. Since the change in March of 2016, the SAT has reflected a change that is similar to and comparable with the ACT. This gives the student the advantage when preparing for any of the two standardized tests. It is our unique program that prepares students through a hybrid course to effectively prepare the way for college applications for our students.


We have found that having larger classes can quite often be ineffective models for teaching. Our classes will be limited to between 7-12 students per class (subject to change).


The highlights of our program are as follows:

1.  Placement Test

2. 10 Evaluation tests (SAT & ACT) throughout the year

3.  Level Based Classes (Intermediate, Advanced, Elite; Perfect score class)

4.  Progress Reports

5.  Daily Quizzes

6.  Online Homework System


We believe in our ability to educate students through our program. Every student that joins the program, will be required to take a placement exam. Those exam scores will be the starting metric for our guarantee program. Throughout the course, we have specific test dates in which the student will be given a diagnostic as to their performance. After each week, parents and students will receive these scores through a progress report.


Our level based class system is also based on the initial diagnostic and evaluation test. Each test will evaluate the student’s needs and will be used to help in assigning new class for the student, the following week. Each subject is split into three unique levels that will help us to effectively work with students in the manner they need.


Each student will be taking daily quizzes to help us focus on specific areas of the test. All quizzes will be made from material reviewed in the homework and class. A passing grade of 80% or higher is required on all quizzes. Any student who does not pass, must remain after school and review the material with a teacher.


Our online homework system is one of our best tools. This system allows us to keep track of the progress your student is making as well as hone in on areas that need to be improved. We require all students to submit their homework regularly.


Overall, our "Power Prep" is unique in that it is a high impact class that focuses on both the SAT and ACT within a short amount of time. We believe the results we achieved from last year are examples of our success. Our wish is to continue educating students through this program, so that they may increase their chances of admission into the school of their dreams.

Classroom Breakdown
Score Improvement Guarantee