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North Wales / Lansdale Campus  

       1256 Welsh Road, Suite 100, North Wales, PA 19454   /   (215) 699-8734

Upper Darby / Bryn Mawr Campus  

       60A Garrett Road, 2nd Floor, Upper Darby, PA 19082   /   (610) 713-9990

Wayne / Chesterbrook Campus

       1708 E. Lancaster Ave,  Paoli,  PA 19301  /   (215) 983-8499

The AP Academy

Accelerated Prep Courses & Tutoring

Our Teachers & Staff

Axelrod, Jerome

College Instructor,  AP English / SAT Reading / SAT Writing


Babich, Ryan

Elementary (K-6) English Instructor


Bernett, Donald

Secondary (7-12) Science Instructor


Bort, James

Ph.D, College Mathematics / SAT Math Instructor


Ciarlo, Andrea

Secondary (7-12) English Instructor


Choi, Jason

U-Penn, Secondary Math / SAT Instructor


Chon, Baron

Princeton University, MD, SAT Reading / SAT Writing Instructor


Delange, Karen

Elementary (K-8) English Instructor


Derwin, Sherry

M.Ed., Columbia University, Secondary English Instructor


Evans, Liz

Elementary (K-6)  English / Arts Instructor


Finkel, Leslie

Secondary Math / Eng Instructor


Geer, Rachel

Elementary (K-6) English / Math Instructor


Jago, Beverly

Elementary (K-8) Mathematics Instructor


Hannings, Kristin

Secondary (7-12) English Instructor


Kahn, Jonathan

SAT Mathematics Instructor


Kazakis, Sophia

Elementary English / Math Instructor


Kim, Han

Secondary (7-12) Mathematics Instructor


Kim, Henry

TOEFL Instructor


Kim, Jae

SAT Mathematics and SAT II (Science) Instructor


Kim, Jackie

M.Ed., U-Penn , SAT Reading / SAT Writing Instructor


Kim, Joy

M.Ed., Columbia University. Elementary English / Arts Instructor


Kittel, Stephen

AP Calculus / SAT Math II Instructor


Kuhn, Robert

Secondary English / History Instructor


Kurtz, Karyl

Elementary (K-6) English Instructor


Shin, Albert

Ph. D/ UCLA / SAT & ACT Reading, Writing


Lamb, Andrew

Secondary (7-12) English Instructor


Leddy, James

Secondary Math & Science Instructor


Leaphart, Naomi

SAT Reading / SAT Writing / Secondary English Instructor


Lee, Philip

Secondary (7-12) Science Instructor


Lieff, Matthew

M.I.T., AMC and Secondary (7-12) Mathematics Instructor


Lim, Jason

SAT Math Instructor


Maxfield, Charles

Ph.D, College English Instructor / SAT Reading/ SAT Writing


McKeena, John

Secondary (7-9) Mathematics Instructor

Meyer, Christine

Secondary (7-12) Mathematics Instructor


Moon, Stella

The University of Texas, Secondary (7-12) Mathematics Instructor


Morad, Kris

SAT Reading / SAT Writing / SAT Math / M.Ed. Trainer


Moser, Christian

M.Ed.,  Harvard University, SAT R/W / Secondary English Instructor


Myers, Ryan

SAT Reading / SAT Writing / Secondary (7-12) English Instructor


Noveral, James

Ph.D, U-Penn. MCAT/ AP Science/ Mathematics Instructor


Nordeman, Susan

SAT Reading / SAT Writing Instructor


Nugent, Karen

Elementary (K-8) English Instructor


Oh, David

NYU Stern. SAT Reading & Writing Instructor


Owens, Claudia

Secondary (7-12) English Instructor


Park, Eunice

M.Ed., Director of Operations


Park, Patty

SAT Reading /SAT Writing Instructor


Park, Sam

MBA, President


Quallet, Michael

Secondary (7-12) Mathematics Instructor


Rapoport, Janice

Elementary (K-8) English Instructor


Rhee, Jung

Education Director , M.Ed., Columbia University. SAT Math Instructor


Roach, Robert

M.I.T., Secondary/College Mathematics Instructor


Rosenthal, Carey

Ph.D, Harvard University, Princeton University, Math / Science


Roley, Francesca

M.Ed., U-Penn, SAT Writing / Secondary English Instructor


Rubin, JoAnn

Secondary (9-11) Mathematics Instructor


Russo, Vincent

SAT Reading / SAT II & AP History / Secondary English Instructor


Seelaus, Charles

Elementary (K-8) English Instructor


Smith, Jennifer

Elementary (K-6) English / Math Instructor


Stover, Maureen

Elementary (K-8) English Instructor


Stratton, Christopher

Secondary (7-12) English Instructor


Taddeo, Raymond

Elementary (K-8) English / Secondary (7-12) Math Instructor


Tyler, Terri

Elementary(K-6) English / Mathematics Instructor


Yoo, Linda

U-Penn,  Mathematics & Science Instructor


Young, Joshua

Secondary (7-12) English Instructor


Wanzie, Bruce

SAT II (History ) Instructor


Wharton, Benjamin

Swarthmore College, SAT Math Instructor


Wisniewski, Robert

SAT Critical Reading / SAT Writing / History