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North Wales / Lansdale Campus  

       1256 Welsh Road, Suite 100, North Wales, PA 19454   /   (215) 699-8734

Upper Darby / Bryn Mawr Campus  

       60A Garrett Road, 2nd Floor, Upper Darby, PA 19082   /   (610) 713-9990

Wayne / Chesterbrook Campus

       1708 E. Lancaster Ave,  Paoli,  PA 19301  /   (215) 983-8499

The AP Academy

Accelerated Prep Courses & Tutoring


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Greetings! Thank you for your interest in The AP Academy. Our goal is to inspire our students to excel in their academic careers through preparatory and supplemental courses. At our learning center, students are strongly encouraged to faithfully complete our comprehensive enrichment programs.


We look forward to offering challenging courses that will not only teach our students, but enable them to have the confidence to apply the skills they learn here in other areas of their lives.

We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in education and cultivating academic excellence. It is our promise to inspire those who dream to be the dream!

Be the Dream.

Today’s pain gives life to tomorrow’s hope. Suffering and hardship are a part of every student’s life. In one form or another, we all face our share of difficulties. The crucial factor which determines whether or not you will cross the thin line between success and failure is how wisely and effectively you handle these challenges today.


It is upon this ambition by which the promise of tomorrow’s hope will bloom. Find courage in your youth–realize

the true power of it. Push yourselves beyond expectations and may tomorrow’s dreams be the life you lead.


The AP Academy


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